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Early Years Training for Practitioners and Parents
Workshops for Parents
Being a parent of young children can be both rewarding and challenging. 

The workshops we offer aim to empower parents. Those that attend gain a better understanding of their child and learn different strategies to deal with some of the challenges parenting young children presents.

Topics covered include motivating your child, managing strong emotions, reading with your child and 'what to do when you feel like screaming!'. 

The workshops offer easy to implement ideas and are supportive in style. The workshops are designed to help parents feel more confident and enhance their relationship with their child.

Please contact us to find out more about workshops in your area or to arrange workshops with a group or your friends or other Mums at your child's nursery, preschool or playgroup

Workshops for Parents

Giving Your Child a Headstart with Maths
Giving Your Child a Headstart with Maths
‘I don’t feel very confident doing Maths’
In this workshop we will consider how Maths is all around us if we know what to look for.  We will look at how we can introduce mathematical concepts quite naturally to young children and how, over time, we can help them to feel confident and capable with Maths.

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Giving Your Child a Headstart with Literacy
‘Learning to read just happens doesn’t it?’

‘I never knew there was a way I could look at books with children that would encourage them to become readers’
In this workshop we will look at ways in which you can share books with your children to enable them to develop a strong interest in reading.  We will look at what makes a good quality children’s book and consider what we can do in our homes to support early literacy.
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Giving Your Child a Headstart in the Playground
How to help Young Children Learn how to Resolve Their Conflicts
Would you like to feel more confident dealing with the conflicts young children have with each other?
As parents of young children we can be presented with some challenging conflict situations!  In this workshop we will look at six problem-solving steps which parents can use to help build children’s emotional intelligence and help children learn to resolve the conflicts they have with others.

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How to Play together with your child to nurture a healthy brain

In this workshop we will look at how you can build strong positive relationships with your children by using non-directive play. 

This is a technique you can use now, and as your child grows up, to help create a strong positive relationship with your child.

You will learn what is involved in a non-directive play session and we will look at how, as well as building self esteem this strategy can help towards developing children’s concentration, developing their problem solving skills, and building their confidence.

What parents who have been on this workshop said 
‘The strategy is so simple and I feel I know how to play with my child now.  She really enjoys our times together and so do I!’
‘Quite simply non-directive play transformed my relationship with my child.  I understand him much better now   


 Boundaries without Tears – Yours or Theirs    

  ‘Don’t touch that!’  ‘You can’t have that cake now!’    
Young children don’t always do we want them to do, this can be challenging for parent and child alike. In this workshop, we will look at ways we can set boundaries for our child by communicating in a way that promotes honesty and kindness and leaves both parent and child feeling ‘in control’.

We will explore strategies to help parents say ‘No’ in a positive way and look at how we can give young children ‘limited choices’ which helps them learn how to regulate their own behaviour through the choices they make.
Feedback from parents who have been on this this course:
‘Knowing about the strategy of giving limited choices to my child has changed our lives!’
‘I don’t feel like I am nagging my child so much, the atmosphere in a house is much nicer, and he doesn’t have so many melt downs’ 

Going Beyond ‘Play Nicely’ – Resolving the Conflicts Children Have with Each Other

They both want the same toy & I don’t know who had it first’
They both want to be Mum in the game’

Conflicts are a natural part of children’s lives. In this session, we will consider six problem solving steps that parents can use to support children when they have conflicts with one another.

These steps have been adapted from adult conflict resolution steps and have been made developmentally appropriate for young children.

Parents can start to use the steps even with very young children so that they start to learn that, although problems are challenging, they can be talked through and resolved.
Over time children can learn to mediate conflicts themselves, a skill which they will find useful in the school playground and later in the world of work.

‘I didn’t used to know what to do when my daughter started arguing with her friend but now I have a strategy I can count on.’
‘Its so exciting to hear my child independently using the problem-solving strategies! I think he’s going to be alright in the playground when he starts school.’